But what is Frip'O diapers?

A shop for used washable diapers (and that's what makes it unique in Sherbrooke) and new.
The boutique shares these premises with two other wonderful boutiques, the Artemire boutique and the thrift store Ananas Violet.

What makes it, for the pain, REALLY unique!

Yes, there are washable diapers, sanitary towels, pacifier clips, used pajamas, candles, jewelry, and soaps that smell great!

And online?

The used novelties that I place every week, and I try very very hard to keep 'new inventory up to date!

And the owner?

Well it's me, Nadia (with lots of hair ... white, among others: p). I have been in Quebec since 2009. I come straight from France, so I am an ostie d'francaise. Yes, and no! I feel Quebec, it will still make a boutte chuis icitte (and that I purposely speak with as much emphasis as possible, with relative success ...).
My son was born here at the birthing center.
And his birth was an upheaval.

You now know that I like capital letters and ellipsis ...
There is a lot to add, but it's a good start!

For the trouble, Laetitia's work will help me a bit. I indeed had the chance to participate in “Les éphéMÈRES”. The podcast where I tell you my life is available (the E002, the one on Nadia;)) ... A chance that I don't like to talk about ... for a long time! haha

Frip'O nappies is MINI and does NOT aim to become BIG!

You advise in person, with my wobbly humor and my most sincere smile, that's pretty much my goal every day! (good and pay my rent and my bills, maybe it will happen one day ....)