Sales and purchase policy.

For this first blog post I wanted to explain to you a little about my policy of buying and reselling used diapers :)

  • My goal :

Sell used diapers at half the price of new when they are in good condition. Whether they have been used for 1 month or 1 year, they will have had pee and poop on it, making it the "dirtiest" used good you will find on sale!

  • Why half price?

Precisely because they are "poop picks" above all!
The city of Sherbrooke where the store is located has removed its subsidy, one of the missions that I gave myself at that time was to allow families to be able to equip themselves at a lower price, to compensate in some ways.

  • So how much do you buy?

Well we divide the sale price in half, between the seller and me.
For my part, I have a lot of jobs following the purchase of diapers. Washing, scouring, stain removal ... It can sometimes take a month before a coat can be sold.
And with all that, there are losses ... Some layers do not support these treatments.

  • So, if they are damaged and put up for sale, what happens if they are sold?

I ALWAYS take responsibility for my mistakes! Being human I am therefore imperfect. Errors there are sometimes, delamination which occurred during the treatment and which I did not see when I put it on sale (I sometimes go too fast ...), an unhappy and well hidden hole, etc.
The first thing to do is to contact me. I make sure you have a smile no matter what :)

And what is the deposit?

  • The principle of the deposit:

You decide the sale price and I pay the diapers once sold (minus the percentage of the shop and the costs if you need to clean and disinfect the diapers and inserts and I take the pictures)
The shop commission is 10% + $ 1 fee per layer (explained above :))
  • Why the deposit?

To let you choose a selling price more aligned with the used market (facebook groups, etc.) if you have layers of clothing that you have not used much (for example).

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