The ideal Set

This is a question I am often asked:

What is the ideal kit?

To answer it there are several things to take into account:
And unfortunately often, baby is not yet born when asked, so it is impossible to answer all these questions!

- How often do you want to wash your diapers?
- What are your preferences in the types of diapers?
- What is your budget?

MY solution?
A varied kit at a low price, easily adaptable according to our preferences thereafter.
It will consist of:
- 6 all-in-one diapers
- 6 pocket diapers with inserts
- 2 diaper covers + 12 inserts (since an average diaper cover is required for 6 inserts)
This will make a total of 24 layers , perfect for washing every two days.
For an even nicer price, look as much as possible in the used.

The idea for the Mini Kit was born from this request!
Simple as I like;)

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